Hagerstown Aviation Museum Aircraft

At this time, museum aircraft are available to the public during museum events only.  The museum hangar is under rehabilitation and not open to the public with regular hours. Check out  the museum Events calander.  Or, contact us at 301-733-8717 or info@hagerstownaviationmuseum.org for event information.

Meanwhile, explore and learn about our aircraft on our website:

1919 Bellanca CE

1928 Kreider Reisner KR-31

1939 Fairchild 24R9

1939 Fairchild 24R9   N20632

1942 Fairchild PT-26

1943 Fairchild PT-19 (N46199) Miss Kelly

1943 Fairchild PT-19 #33 Miss Fair Child

1943 Fairchild PT-19 #10

1946 Fairchild 24

1948 Fairchild C-82A

1949 North American T-6 Texan N9492Z

1953 Fairchild C-119G

1955 Fairchild C-123K

1956 Fairchild C-123K

1958 Fairchild XSM-73

1959 Fairchild F-27